"This letter is in reference to both the Big's Easy Lift and the Big's Mighty Lift, both of which are currently being used by various crews within our department. Introduced on a trial basis two years ago within our department it was quickly realized that these tools were not only practical, but needed. At which time we ordered an additional 40 plus of these tools. Since it's inception we have realized a virtual or total evaporation of back injuries due to our employees lifting sewer lids.

Wheres, we were faced with employee injuries due to back injuries numbering one or two per month, since the introduction of these lifters we have realized a total elimination of back injuries due to lifting lids by crews using these tools and saving 100% of dollars in workman's compensation claims.

We have also realized excellent developer support by Mr. Bigham and his staff. Mr. Bigham has also supported and has come in free of charge, mind you, to lend support in safety talks and the training and use of these tools on Water applications and related applications of these tools.

In conclusion, I not only recommend the use of the tools by companies involved with applications of this nature, I encourage it."

Assitant to the Commissioner
Department of Water Management
City of Chicago

"The equipment works great! The guys really like it - It's so much easier and safer than with a hook/crowbar."

Kurt| Safety & Health Diretor
Staff Electric Co.

"We love your products. Thanks Vern."

Pierce County
Budget and Finance Department

"Pleasure doing business with you. Great one on one customer service"

Sr. Administative Assistant
Maintenance Operations
Eli Lilly

"The BigsEasyLift has been very helpful. We use it around the territory and it is a big asset to us. I hope everything goes well as far as utilizing the lift on non-magnetic covers like the Quazite boxes we use. Every time we use it there is a grin on our face because the covers are so easy to lift!"

Union Pacific Communications Dept.